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So, Tuesday while I was at work, around 1 or 2pm, I got the heat flush/nausea/dizziness part of a migraine. Took a frova, kept working, was fine. Around 5:30 (I worked late that day), it started coming back, so I took another. Made it home & into the lovely cool apartment without any untoward events.

Yesterday, I woke up not feeling great, and knowing that I wouldn't have much work to do, so I called out & stayed home. Puttered about the house, read, stayed cool.

Today, my wakeup was slow & groggy, and I couldn't seem to get myself on track to getting to work. Around 7am - by which time I should be nearly out the door, and was noodling on the computer in bed instead- gregortroll asked me if I was going. I said yes, but that I'd be going in a bit late, was all. About 10 minutes later, I realized that I actually had a serious seed headache going, and that going out into the (already upper 80's) heat would cause it to blossom in full. So I called out & took a frova. Troll went off to work, and I took a cool bath (dropping my core temperature is a tactic that often works, in the eradication of one of these beasties). By 9:30 or so, I realized that the bath wasn't helping, and so I tried that other standby - a hard-rolled towel under my neck. Tossed and turned for the next few hours, vainly wishing for sleep. Sometime around noon, I took another frova - to no appreciable effect. Tossed & turned some more.

About 2pm, I realized that I was in dire condition, and called the Troll to come home & take care of me. Then I barfed. Serious, awful barfing, complete with loss of bowel control. Wondered if I was going to end up in the hospital - and dreaded the idea of having to go out into the heat to get there. Freaked the cats out in no small measure. A little after 2:30, Troll arrived and helped me clean up. I've spent the rest of the evening pushing liquids & carbs (and not moving)...so now my stomach aches, but my head no longer does.

This sort of extremity of migraine usually only hits me once or twice a year, thankfully. I have a semi-secret hope (the kind that I hardly dare think about) that a change of climate will decrease the incidence of them altogether.
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