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Cursed pink

So, I'm really not normally someone who wears any kind of makeup, unless I'm also wearing some sort of costume.

Today I bought a lipstick.

It's pink. This, you may guess, is also not very me. You'd be right.

I had gone to the drugstore to buy a gallon of water. The stuff called out to me, I swear. I suspect that this out-of-character occurrence has something to do with the X-files. See, it's been awfully hot here. And I've been migrainy. And I've been afraid of getting a migraine while out in the awful heat. So I've spent a lot of time this past week, holed up in the loft with the X-files. In the process, I've (re)developed a small obsession with Scully's lips.

::pauses for salivation::

::stops drooling, brightens::

Hey, it might just match my raincoat!

::shakes head in fear::
Tags: oddities, personal, random, silliness, tv
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