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gregortroll left early Friday morning for his jaunt to CO, he'll be back late Saturday night (He's staff for this).

I wore a new pair of shoes to work on Friday. I bought them cheap, knowing that they weren't great quality, but they were bright red & comfy in the store, so I did it anyway. I slapped some moleskin on them before heading out Friday morning, thinking that'd make up for any quality issues. BIG mistake. Before I'd even walked a block in them, they had begun the shredding of my feet. By the time I got to work (not much walking, mostly a trolley ride), I had two big blisters that had both broken. Ugh.

So I decided to make better use of the moleskin the next time I wear them.

Then I woke up Saturday morning. The bottoms of my feet ached. The tops of my feet ached. My ankles hurt. My freaking lower back hurt. The tops of my feet were swollen, and felt bruised to the touch.

The red shoes are now in the trash.

Aside from the achey feet, -my first waking, at 6:30AM on Saturday, included a migraine. I took the appropriate meds & went back to sleep, and when I woke again at 10:30, all was well. I have spent the weekend in glorious aloneness; with the exception of a trip to the farmer's market Saturday morning, I've not budged from the apartment. I love spending time at home, alone. Don't get me wrong, I miss the Troll, but I'm loving the alone time.

It's six or seven blocks from our place to Clark Park, where the farmer's market is held on Saturdays. Normally, a perfectly enjoyable walk. But this weekend, it was like walking in warm soup, complete with disgusting soggy noodles. By the time I got back home, I desperately needed a shower. I can only imagine how the next few days will be...we've got extreme heat warnings, and I don't think the humidity has gone down (or will). Ugh. Add this to the pained feet, and I was even happier to get home. Boy, do I LOVE air conditioning!

Watched three episodes of the X-files today. I'll be starting the 2nd disk of the 2nd season, next round. Also, spent ~3 hours looking at horse rescue sites (which is exactly the sort of thing I can get caught up in doing, online). On the plus side, I also did some vacuuming, some cooking for the coming week, cleaned litterboxes & did a bunch of dishes. So, not nearly as unproductive as I could have been, eh?

On a side note, I discovered (as I spent part of the night last night creating new amazon wishlists - they now offer the ability to create more than one!) that amazon is now beta testing the sale of equestrian equipment through their site (including, for those of you out there dying to know coughsexykneesockscough, the sale of vet wrap). Delivered right to your door. Isn't the internet wonderful???

Everyone who has a little positive energy to spare, please wish dahliamoon & her new baby Peanut well. They've gone through a rough coupla days.
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