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Team Bush Paid Millions to Nathan Sproul-and Tried to Hide It
by Mark Crispin Miller and Jared Irmas

In the months before the 2004 presidential election, a firm called
Sproul & Associates launched voter registration drives in at least
eight states, most of them swing states. The group--run by Nathan
Sproul, former head of the Arizona Christian Coalition and the
Arizona Republican Party--had been hired by the Republican National

Sproul got into a bit of trouble last fall when, in certain states,
it came out that the firm was playing dirty tricks in order to
suppress the Democratic vote: concealing their partisan agenda,
tricking Democrats into registering as Republicans, surreptitiously
re-registering Democrats and Independents as Republicans, and
shredding Democratic registration forms.

The scandal got a moderate amount of local coverage in some
states--and then the election was over. Now anyone who brought up
Nathan Sproul, or any of the other massive crimes and improprieties
committed on or prior to Election Day, was shrugged off as a dealer
in "conspiracy theory."

It seems that Sproul did quite a lot of work for the Republicans.
Exactly how much did he do? More specifically, how much did the RNC
pay Sproul & Associates?

If you went online last week to look up how much money Sproul
received from the Republicans in 2004, you would have found that,
according to the party (whose figures had been posted by the Center
for Responsive Politics), the firm was paid $488,957.

In fact, the RNC paid Sproul a great deal more than that. From an
independent study of the original data filed by the Republicans with
the Federal Election Commission, it is clear that Sproul was paid a
staggering $8.3 million for its work against the Democrats.


"{...} there are some big surprises buried in the paperwork.
It turned out that the RNC paid Sproul not only for their
pre-election work, but also paid them for work after the election.
According to their Year-End Report, filed on Jan. 28, 2005, the RNC
paid Sproul for "Political Consulting" in December--long after all
the voter registration drives had ended.

And two months later, when the RNC filed their amended
Year-End Report on May 3, the dates of those December expenditures
mysteriously changed. A payment of $210,176, once made on Dec. 20,
was changed to Dec. 22. A payment of $344,214, initially recorded on
Dec. 22, was changed to Dec. 9.

As to why Sproul was being paid in December, and why the
dates were changed, one can only speculate. But it may be worth
noting that the Ohio recount took place from Dec. 13 through Dec. 28.

Because these amendments were made in 2005, the Center for
Responsive Politics' website mistakenly allocated that money to the
2006 cycle. When we informed them of these missing numbers yesterday,
CRP was quick to adjust them. They also included two more
expenditures: a $323,907 payment for more "Political Consulting"
(10/12/04) and $450,257 for "Mailing Costs" (10/04/04).

The documents also suggest that the RNC may have changed the
dates of nine payments to suggest expenditures in 2005, thereby
shifting focus from the 2004 election.

Even if that mistaken date is just a typo, it is, to say the
least, not likely that they made the same mistake in nine uniquely
dated items for 2004.

In any case, all the payments by the RNC to Sproul add up to
a whopping $8,359,161--making it the RNC's eighth biggest expenditure
of the 2004 campaign."

Turns out that this little adventure constitutes the 8th largest campaign expenditure of the Bush "campaign".

Spending totals:
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