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Almost Human

I'm almost afraid to put this on record (jinxing, you know)...but I've not had a migraine in at least 8 days (I'd have to go check my logs to be more exact, and I'm too lazy). I haven't changed anything about my meds or routine; I think that the weather has just calmed down a bit. Still quite warm here, still lots of storms in the area...but I'm feeling okay!

As a consequence, this weekend was really weird for me. I was actually a normally functional person all four days! I'm still marveling over it.

Saw Batman Begins Friday. Liked it quite a lot. Of all the big-screen Batmen (Batmans?), Michael Keaton has been my favorite, so my hopes were not high at the idea of the latest (Christian Bale) Dark Knight. I was, I must say, pleasantly surprised.

I don't really like seeing movies in theaters, and wouldn't bother, except for the big picture and sound aspects. Friday's experiences were rather refreshing though. The theater we went to had an actual usher (in the walking-down-the-aisle-with-a-flashlight sense, rather than the showing-you-to-your seat sense). He came through every 15-20 minutes, presumably to make sure that no one was being noisy or rowdy or obnoxious (or talking on a cell phone, my personal most tooth-gritting). It was refreshing.

There was one moment, when Rachel slapped Bruce, that a couple of insecure urban nitwits felt the need to say "I'd shoot the bitch!", causing the Troll to coin the phrase (which is now my favorite) "And that's why *you'll* never be Batman"! Ah, small amusements.

We saw a bunch of other movies this weekend (actually over the past 2 weeks, now that I think about it): Grosse Pointe Blank, Fargo, Shakespeare in Love, Superman 1 & 2, American Beauty and Hellboy. I love the whole DVD thing. :)

So I was thinking a lot this weekend about how entertainment is changing. The movie industry is having fits because box-office take continues to decline (it's been declining, incidentally, since the end of WWII, according to one article I read). Meanwhile they're making crappy movies (with few exceptions), suing their customers, and refusing to offer films in the formats that people want. I think that this points to a dead/dying industry, a system that isn't working anymore (if, indeed, working was ever more than a momentary - historically speaking - fluke). The lashing out that we're seeing is, IMO, a form of death-throe.

Of course, I think that this is also true of our so-called "representative" government, so maybe it's just me.

Anyway, I'm curious to see what will rise to take the place of the current system (in both cases, actually, but at the moment I mean the movie-thing - the latter I hope to see only from a great distance, and I find too depressing to speculate on).

Anyone have any ideas on how it'll play out? I think, btw, that movies and television will both be undergoing vast changes, and that they may or may not end up with the same or similar venues.

ETA: I just re-read the above, and continue to find myself amazed at the often elusive ability to put more than two sentences together in a fairly coherent fashion.

*sigh* I really wish they'd find an actual CURE for migraine, so I could have my brain back full-time.
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