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I have a legitimate 4 day weekend this week (and by legitimate, I mean not due to migraine)! I slept in this morning - it was glorious! I'm currently doing some catching up on LJ & email and drinking cold coffee (which my darling gregortroll made for me this morning before he left for work).

This afternoon, we're heading out to see Batman Begins (which I'm very excited about). I may work on filling in some of my vast new icon availability later, and will definitely get to some memes that I've not had time or energy for.

Heck, I might even pack for the Seattle trip, if I get *really* ambitious. Certainly I expect that the Troll will start packing for his trip to CO*.

I'll probably tinker with my computer a bit (software updates & the like). And of course there's always the regularly neglected housework.

It's so nice to have a day off when I'm not immobilized by pain!

*The trip to CO is a repeat of the trip he made last year, as teaching staff for the NetLogo workshop hosted by Mesa State College. He's very excited about it.
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