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Stealth Gardening and other weekend fun

Finally, this weekend (after an eye exam last year, letting it get out of date, an eye exam this year, several misses at the optical place for closedness, losing my prescription and then finding it again a few weeks later) I ordered some new glasses. Mine are about 8 years old at this point, and scratched all to hell. So next weekend (probably) they'll be ready to pick up and start wearing! I think I'll take my old ones to be re-lensed as a backup.

Gardening in Philadelphia is a tricky concept. First, because anything that isn't nailed down gets walked off with, and second because if it *is* nailed down, it often gets destroyed. Yet another reason that I'll be glad when we move out of the city. Anyway, this weekend I did my bit for the look of the neighborhood. I planted a few 'chameleon plants' around and about, with the hope that they will cover the sparsley grassy, mostly weedy next-to-sidewalk areas. But I had to put them in spots where I think they won't be noticed at first. They're pretty aggressive, so I think they'll do the job, and once they are established, they can take a lot of abuse.

I also spent much of the day yesterday cutting the grass in the back yard. With grass shears. Yeep!

Pan managed to get up into the attic last evening, so when we found him, he got his very first bath. I wish I'd thought to take pictures. Poor baby. He goes to the vet this week, as I suspect he has a hernia.

We're in our busiest time at work right now, which is lots of fun, actually. But a bit draining as well. I'm off for now, hope you all have a great week!
Tags: critters, gardening, killers of joy, neighborhood, work
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