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Another Generic Update

First, a belated Happy Mom's Day to all the Moms on my Flist!!

I had a lovely weekend; the Troll was off to his parents' to help dig a patio (he arrived home late Sunday night; sunburned & sore), and I alternated my time beween gardening & SLEEPING! Man, I love to sleep!

Also it's official, we're not going to Scotland. I canceled our hotel reservations Saturday. ::sigh::

As for gardening: I got all of my tomato, basil & squash set out Saturday afternoon. The tomatoes are doing pretty good, but some of the basil sunburned already. One of my kabocha squash plants BROKE...but I'm just going to toss a new seed in the ground (direct sowing! the novelty of it all!) and see what happens. I'll probably do that with the basils that don't recuperate from the sunburn, too.

My tulips are blooming a 2nd round, and the 3 lone irises I planted look like they'll bud any minute now. I love bulbs.

Sunday I made sweet-potato waffles, called my mom, & slept. Altogether a lovely time.

More catching up will be done soon (at least in terms of my writing; reading is another story altogether)!

In 'treating myself' news, I finally bought an MP3 player! iPods are too pricey for me; I ended up with a 20gb RCA Lyra instead. First night I had it home, the cats ate the foam off of one of the earpads.

As of this morning, however, I've lost them altogether. Not bad for a short two weeks! Does anyone have recommendations for headphones? Note: I dislike the ear-bud paradigm, but like the separate, over-the-ear thingys.

And in a very rare treat, I'm going OUT to lunch today (with a couple of my co-workers)!! Woohoo (I very nearly NEVER go out for lunch; it's a big deal)!
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