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Score! (plus various updates)

Wednesday, one of the folks on the neighborhood mailing list I'm on offered a bunch of stuff for sale (she & her husband are moving into a condo), including a fold-up treadmill and a health-rider thingamabob...for TEN BUCKS EACH! I emailed her as soon as I saw her mail and claimed them, and the Troll & I hoofed over there (only about three blocks away), and carried them home. Hee! Now I can work out even when I don't feel like going to the gym.

Tuesday, I went to the doc (have had a low-grade sinus infection for WEEKS, got some antibiotics). Got a tetnus shot update. Wow. I *still* have a very sore, egg sized lump in my arm, though the FEVER has gone away. I've had lots of tetnus shots - heck, when I was in my artistic phase, I got one every 5-6 months...the plasma center paid an extra $5 for that! - never had one effect me like this.

Sunday, the Troll & I went on our newly instituted monthly cultural date (last month, in the first of the series, we saw The Flying Karamozov Brothers)...which in this case was to see Mariana Sadovska. My conclusion after the show is that I don't like folk music in a different language and accompanied by an unusual instrument any more than I like any other kind of folk music (that is to say, really, not much at all)...but WOW, what a performer! The woman performs as if possessed. I'd totally go see her again. I also rather enjoyed the opening act, Julian Kytasky, and now want to own & learn to play a bandura. Overall, it was quite fun! Plus, it was the first time we'd ever been to Tritone, which I liked a lot, and may frequent...particularly if Philly ever gets its proposed smoking ban in place!

Last Saturday, I got my jumbo biodome from Park Seed, and despite a migraine, planted all 40 cells. Today I have 4 "whopper" tomatos, 3 "sweet million", several basils (I planted 3 different sorts), the Mother of Thyme, the kabocha squash, the petunias and 2 different kinds of hollyhock all sprouting & straining towards the sun (the hollyhocks were first, again. I'm expecting another takeover attempt like last year - if I suddenly disappear, blame the hollyhocks). Man, I love gardening (and the biodome is amazing)! I've never before had sprouts so quickly! (Aside: elionwyr, I have extra seeds from all of the above - and then some - if you'd like any of them...)

Last Thursday was my last day at the Great Papercut Experiment temp assignment I was on. And wonder of wonders, it's just in time to have me start (Monday coming) BACK at my original, wonderful temp assignment that I had last summer! Plus I got a week off in between! What could be more perfect!? I am inordinately pleased. The boss there (who is wonderful) already knows of and is cool with my 10 day absence in August.

In summation:

Life is good.
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