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Have you ever eaten too much microwave popcorn, and gotten that weird feeling in your lips from having too much salt? I've got that.

As usual when I work the night shift, my bag of popcorn has been beside me all night...and no one to share with. Which means I have the full measure of chapped tender lips for myself. Bleah.

As also frequently happens on night shift, I get to this time of day & get a bit hyper. It's usually when I actually do the accumulated work of the evening. The best thing about it is, I don't even need caffeine to get this way...it seems to be a natural function of staying up past a certain point. My bizarre body chemistry strikes again.

So, I'm thinking that I'm going to buy a house in Philadelphia. I keep seeing big 3 story houses selling for less than $50k...and I simply cannot resist. Besides, I have a bunch of friends down there, and it's still close to NYC, and I like it...etc. I'm getting in touch with a loan officer tomorrow. Or rather, today...but later.
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