a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

January update

So, January has been a busy month for me. First there was the
post-holiday end-tying that needed doing, and as per usual, this took
me a few weeks into the new year. Actually, I still haven't
completed that, as I have yet to send out thank-you cards!

Second, I've been continuing to get into the swing of my new (well, I
started the week before Xmas) temp assignment. I finally have
(I think) all of the software on my current computer that I need to be
most useful here. So what am I doing? Filing, and packing storage
boxes full of files. Gah. I thought I'd left box-hefting behind years
ago, when I stopped working in a warehouse! I've let the agency know
that I'd like something else in general, and that specifically, Ace
(my previous assignment) is planning on hiring again in March (they do
this every year, for their big policy renewal season) - and they're
going to request me. I really, really hope the agency doesn't give me
a hard time about it. I like it SO much better at Ace. What a
difference a job that actually uses one's brain makes!

I had my six-month follow up with the GI doc early in the month.
Good News! I'm no longer anemic (for possibly the first time
in my life), and all my blood work is beginning to look like that of a
normal person. No further internal exams necessary, and no further
follow up until the bone density scan in September. Yay!

I note that by my own measurements, I'm still quite low on zinc, and
the fact that I'm still getting migraines *may* mean that I'm still
low on magnesium (doc didn't test my blood for that stuff, this time
'round). I'm taking supplements, and keeping in mind that it can take
up to 2 years of gluten-free diet to heal the intestines entirely.

Bad news: I've gained a bit of weight, now that I'm actually absorbing
the nutrients from what I eat. Gotta re-work the way I eat.
Fortunately, all I need to do to kill my appetite these days is take a
peek at the political news. Ugh.

I'm learning to sew! My first home-made garment is (will be) a
tank top. What should have taken me an afternoon to complete became a
bit more complicated when I decided to make my own bias tape for the
neck & arm holes. I still need to hem it, but that's just something
I've been putting off. Hopefully will finish it up this week. :)

Also, have been continuing work on my crochet project (a queen-size
blanket), which I had put aside for awhile.

Battlestar Gallactica!Wow. Just...wow. The mini-series was
incredible, and the series so far (4 shows in, I think) has been
breathtaking. It's not the old show, but it's REALLY GOOD, and stays
true to much of the old show's basis. It's good, good, good! I cannot
say it enough. Sci-fi channel has made a wonderful (IMO) move in not
only making this show, but also in loading Stargate SG-1, Stargate
Atlantis & Battlestar Gallactica one after the other on Friday nights.
Geek TV night, woohoo!!

Seriously, this show is so good, it's hard for me to watch. Since the
Troll & I have decided to cancel our cable subscription, I may just
wait till it comes out on DVD, and then watch them all at once.

Chances are, though, that instead I'll snag them via bit-torrent and
watch them that way. Does anyone know of good download sites for BG
(and for Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis, and the Daily Show)??

Anywho, that's all for now...I hope you are all well.
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