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Update in Brief

Been terribly busy - doing leftover holiday things, working my new temp assignment, trying to get my costume done in time for the New Years Eve costume party I'll be attending. If I get it done, and (and like the way it looks), I'll eventually post some pictures. The party theme is Venetian Carnivale...I look forward to seeing some marvelous creations!

Still looking for good homes for Pan & Momcat (the latter of which is currently recuperating from her spaying surgery).

Pan has taken over Scoop's previous rep as acrobat. He continues to talk to us in a teeny little squeeek! of a voice that is cute beyond belief, and he has learned the new trick of turning somersaults into your hand as you pet him. Momcat is showing some (small) signs that the surgery may be adjusting her body chemistry favorably...she's the teeniest bit friendlier, and perhaps less frightened of everything. Please note that thus far, it's a VERY small change, and that she continues to need a lot of patient and loving rehab.

Also looking for homes for the sweet tabbys that have been hanging out on our porch for the last few weeks (an apartment in the neighboring half of the twin was vacated about the same time, coincidentally, so I have no doubt that these sweeties were abandoned by their owner when said owner moved). One is smallish (may still be under a year old) and is an all-over brown tabby with fringed eartips, the other is a little older (I'd gauge between 1-3 years), with a white face & belly and brown tabby on top. Both are very friendly, seem in good health despite their sudden camping-out adventure, and want desperately to be living indoors again.

It's off to bed with me now, and hopefully I'll be able to do some significant catch-up LJ reading this weekend. May you all have a lovely 2005, and be safe in whatever celebrations you participate in!

Upcoming LJ topics: my friend Ron's continuing struggle for life, apathy and more on the ongoing election fraud.
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