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A Day's Reprieve

So. I might have another (long term) temp job, pending drug & background screening. Touched base with my rep at the agency just now, and the background stuff hasn't come back yet...so no work tomorrow.

I find myself relieved. While the extra income certainly is a wonderful thing to ease financial stress (and to accommodate such things as savings, gifts, and vacation-y stuff), NOT having a job relieves me of the stress of getting up every day at a certain time, riding public transportation to work, and dealing with a company's internal world worth of individuals who may, or may not be interesting or sane. I got really lucky at my last assignment, and I'm not holding my breath for that kind of lightning to strike twice.

Plus, being jobless ostensibly gives me more time to write and clean and sew...and definitely gives me more time to read LJ. Heh.

I'll check in again tomorrow around 10, but at least I know I definitely won't be employed before Wednesday. :)
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