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My landlady recently sent us an email asking for emergency contact info for the Troll & me...because a couple of weeks ago, she had a tenant (as it happens, the one tenant in the same building said landlady lives in) suicide in the apartment, and she had a lot of rigamarole to go through to try to find next-of-kin (not to mention the rigamarole of having found a four-days-ripe dead body on one's property). Kind of gruesome, but here's the amusing part (to me, because I'm like that):

The family, once tracked down, have been demanding the ex-tenant's security deposit back from the landlady. People amaze me.

Someone please remind me, if I ever become a landlord, to add a clause into the rental agreement.

Please note that the storage of dead human bodies (yours or others) on the premises is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in police notification, immediate eviction proceedings and the forfeiture of your security deposit.

Dude. ::shakes head::
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