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Kittens Need Homes! (Philadelphia Area)

More Pictures Here

One day this past summer, the Troll & I decided to rescue one of the local stray/feral cats. We brought her in, got her vet-checked & realized that she was newly pregnant. On August 17, she had 4 beautiful, healthy kittens, 3 of whom now need new homes (as does said momcat). Our cat-limit per our lease is 2. Jeebee we had when we moved in, and we've chosen one of the kittens(the smallest, mostly-tabby one, Clump) to stay on as his playmate...so the others must go, and soon! A little about each of them follows:


More Pictures Here

Momcat is very pretty, as you can see, but she's kind of a mess psychologically. Apparently, we didn't rescue her from the streets soon enough, and she's suffered some mental damage, and probably abuse. She's afraid of other cats, she's afraid of people (all of them, as far as I can tell). She's afraid of most noises and all sudden movements. She has a love/hate relationship with the automatic catbox, and her favorite place of all to be is in a nice, safe, closed critter carrier. That said, she's easy to handle, lets her toenails be trimmed with minimal fuss, and on *extremely* rare occasion, seeks attention. She doesn't mind being picked up (once you catch her), as long as she can tuck her head under your arm and hide her eyes. Momcat needs a very special home; one that is quiet & fairly uneventful, with someone who can spend a lot of time and patience in rehabbing her. I *do* believe she can work through it all, but our household is too hectic for it. We're having her spayed a little later this month, so she won't be going to a new home until she's healed up from surgery.


More Pictures Here

Poo - aka Pooperdoo, Pooperdoodle, or Doodle - is the largest of the kittens, weighing in at 4 pounds (as of their vet-check, November 12). He's got incredibly soft fur, he's very inquisitive and probably the alpha of the bunch. He's also a sweet snuggler, and a momma's boy...the only one of the kittens to still go running to momcat when she calls. He's a little insecure when alone, and calls out in a teeny little squeak for company. He has a bit of a case of "flinch-back" (that thing that some cats do when you pet them & they duck), but if you pick him up or squash him a bit on the floor, he *does* enjoy being petted and snuggled. He looks the most like Momcat, but instead of solid black markings, he's got lovely wide-tabby-stripe patches.


More Pictures Here

Pan - aka PitterPan, PitterPanTastic, or SqueakToy - is our sensitive boy. He's gets distressed if he is yelled at (whereas the others just shrug & go on their merry ways), he LOVES to snuggle, and he is the most vocal of the group...squeaking for attention, or for complaint (as when he's yelled at) or just in conversation. He goes CRAZY over things he can chase on the floor, like light beams or anything dragged (or crickets), and he likes stuff that bounce in small hops. He also loves to watch me work on the computer, and sometimes does so for hours.


More Pictures Here

Scoop - aka The Acrobat, Scoop-de-loop, SuperScooper - is the most athletic of the bunch. He and Poo are actually the same weight, but he looks closer to Pan's size because Poo is a bit fluffier. He loves to play with dangly toys, or bouncing things, or crickets...and as you can see from his many action shots, he makes some truly spectacular leaps & mid-air twists. He's also quite the snuggly lap-kitten (as I type this he is asleep, purring, in my lap). We have dubbed Pan & Scoop "the twins" (even though they don't *quite* match). They'd make a good pair, for someone who would rather get two kittens than one alone.

All the kittens are in excellent health; no worms, no fleas, and proceeding with regular vaccinations on schedule. They're all boys. They're all precious. Please help me to find them good homes*!

*By good homes, I mean homes where they will live inside, have plenty of food, love and attention, have sane and stable owner(s) and continue with regular (normal) vet visits. Also that they will be neutered when the time comes...so they're never the cause of more unwanted, abused strays like their mom.
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