a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Teaching the children to play with their food

Friday while we were out & about, the Troll & I picked up 20 crickets as a holiday treat for the kitties. It only took about half an hour to wipe them out, but all seemed to have had a marvelous time (except the crickets, of course).

Have had a succession of large, turkey-centric holiday dinners over the weekend, all of which were marvelous. Last night's dinner, here, was ill-planned on our part (read: it helps to actually INVITE people, instead of just talking about it) but turned out fantastically. Thanks to kendrayk, grendelsden and all the non-LJ folk for the wonderful company and a successful, fun evening!

On a side note: if the worst thing my detractors can think to do is call me fat? Either I'm doing really, really well, or they're doing really, really lamely. Perhaps both. I chortle with glee (this in re: to an invisible anonymous reply to one of my earlier posts)! I smite them with my happiness!
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