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What To Do About It? (More Links)

Verified Voting Gains Momentum: Contact Your Senator!
EFF offers a quick form, no registration regquired:

Or find your own elected officials & write them yourself:

Volunteers can sign up at the Ohio Democratic Party website and the party will also accept contributions to help
offset the cost of completing a recount.

EFF is looking for Bay-Area tech & data-entry volunteers:If you are not in the San Francisco Bay Area, please feel free to pass this on to anybody you know who is!

Volunteers Urgently Needed - Burlingame, CA: EFF has been asked by our friends at Votewatch to recruit tech help for Ohio post-election analysis from November 24-December 6.

We are looking for volunteers immediately to assist in analyzing election-related data from Ohio. Votewatch has been using the Ohio Public Records Act to collect extensive information about key precincts in key Ohio counties. It has an urgent need for two sorts of help in its Burlingame, CA offices between now and December 6, 2004.

1. Data entry. The information being gathered by Votewatch is being fed into a simple database to facilitate its use and analysis by election experts. Votewatch needs assistance with basic data entry, since much of the data is being provided only on paper. No experience necessary, other than basic typing skills.

2. Audit log review. Votewatch needs assistance developing systems to allow analysis of the audit logs from various Ohio counties. Experience in reviewing and analyzing log files in other systems would be helpful here.

The goal of this effort is to try to reconstruct the election in key areas, and to detect problems in the vote tabulation process. The information, if it is developed in time, could be used to help with election contests or the recount in Ohio in the short term. In the longer term, we are hoping that it can assist with efforts to enact broader election reform.
If you can assist, please contact Cindy@eff.org

abbydabby is planning her own information campaign in her red state
You can too, or you can help her out:

A Petition to Congress requesting an investigation into the
Presidential Election of 2004

MoveOn investigates the vote (petition)

Above all:

SPREAD THE WORD. Don't let the outcry die down until the recount & reforms are done!
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