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More Updating

Last week was quite busy; my last week at my long-term temp job, readying for a trip to the Fingerlakes area that James & I took last weekend, preparing for the upcoming holidays, taking kittens to their first vet-checkup and reading overwhelming amounts of political & vote-related info (another huge link list later today).

My last week was bittersweet; the group seems to want to hire me on a permanent basis but has no budget to do so. However, my manager (who had her 30th anniversary with the company on Friday!) says that she's going to keep trying, and that when they start their "summer crunch" (which is how this gig started this year) in March that they'll give me a call. I got lots of excellent feedback from the whole team and lots of wishes for me to come back, and lovely little gifties! It was a nice affirmation of my work there. I decided to take at least this week off (maybe more) and work with the temp agency on a few short assignments until March rolls around.

Our trip to the Fingerlakes was a delight, if not productive in the way we had intended. We had contacted a realtor about a piece of property up there, and he graciously took us to look at not only that one, but several others. The property we looked at (the original one) was flat, covered in scrubby-looking brush, and caused me to suddenly realize that 14 acres is MUCH smaller than I expected. We looked at other properties in the same size range, and it's not just a fluke with that one. So I've revised my minimum land requirement (which had been 10) up to 30...with a strong preference for 300. Um. Yeah.

Still, we learned a lot more about the area, and we'll keep saving our pennies and looking. And it was FUN! :)

All four kittens have now had their first vet checkup and shots. They're all healthy, and oddly enough, all boys! I was happy to learn that my homemade herbal worming concoction worked perfectly, and no worms were found in their fecal samples (I know that they *did* have worms, as one of them puked a few up - YUK!). I was quite pleased both that it worked so well, and that the vet was so surprised. Momcat goes for her spaying this week, I believe. All in all, I look forward to finding new homes for them. (Which reminds me...gatopreto, salliesandbags...should we talk, or should I start looking for other interested folks?) I'll be posting a bunch of pictures (I took three + rolls last week) later this week. They're utterly adorable, and despite the insanity of having six cats in this apartment-space, it'll be hard for me to see them go to other homes.

And okay, I didn't actually *do* much in the way of holiday prep, except mentally...which is a hard thing to quantify here. Suffice it to say that we're going to James' folks house for Turkey Day, and that it needs to be mentally prepared-for. Heh.

Oh, and I finally got most of my bulbs in the ground election weekend. I look forward to their blooming in the spring.

For now, I'm off to unpack, create a new political must-read link list to post, research an idea I have, make some posts in inter_action and tastytreats (which have been waiting for me to have a spare moment) and contact a publisher or three. Plus some general housekeeping (both in peoplespace and in my email boxes).

Joy and hope to all!
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