a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing


-Been working like a madwoman; my temp job (which was originally to end in September) has been extended (at least 3 weeks, possibly more). Honestly, they need to hire me full time/permanent. One of the two other folks who work my position has to have a knee replacement surgery and will likely be out for quite some time this winter recuperating. Plus, it wouldn't surprise me overmuch if she retires soon. And all the underwriters are overworked. I could take some of the slack from them (especially in terms of little stuff - that's what kills them).

-been working with the Troll getting the apartment into shape (again, still...whatever). We've had great success with setting up my sewing area, organizing the attic, and moving stuff that's just been sitting around up to the attic.

-kittens! They grow more precious by the day. Still haven't got my film developed though. Doh!

-been working on the inter_action forum (though not visibly, yet) in my spare time.

-I am filled daily with both hope & fear about the upcoming elections. I fully believe that the rethuglicans cannot win fairly; however I also believe they don't give a flying fig for winning fairly, only for winning. The news of late seems to bear this out.

-I have bulbs to plant! No time to plant them, however. Doh, again!

-I have had ZERO time to catch up on my flist. I'm *really* sorry! I'm certain I'm missing out on all kinds of fascinating stuff, and I'm so far behind now that I'll probably never catch up completely. I will, however, make an effort to catch up on at least some of it this weekend.
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