a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Better Living Through Modern Chemistry

Earlier this week I picked up a bunch of prescription refills from the pharmacy. One among them was imitrex nasal spray (for those times when I'm already too nauseated to take a pill). When I took the box out of the bag when I got home that night, I realized that they had mistakenly given me the injectable imitrex instead.

I've never used the injectable variety. I considered keeping it, and giving it a try, because I'm curious as to whether or not it has any different (read: better) effects. While I've never given myself an injection, the directions were clear. It's a subcutaneous injection (as opposed to an intramuscular), which I've done with vaccinations on animals...although never on a human and certainly not myself.

The downsides? I don't want to learn/practice doing something that might be painful when I'm in mid-migraine, and the kicker: it's only two doses. The pills are nine, and the inhalers are six. While I might only need two doses between now & the next time I can refill, I can't count on it. Besides that, I'm just not really fond of needles. Not squeamish, I just have an aversion to hurting myself. So back to the pharmacy in the morning.
Tags: health/medical, modern chemistry
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