a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Job Burn OUT!

I am so over both my job, and the company I work for. There's a chance I might move over to the network division, if I go get my CCNA cert, and convince Scott (the network manager) how good I can be for the department, given a chance. If that happens, I'd consider staying with FCG, cause Scott and the entire network crew are very cool folks. The main problem with this is that since September, I've had a major loss of forward momentum. What that translates to in this particular venue is that I've not even been studying, much less actually trying the test. Hopefully, now that spring is here and I seem to have found some revival of energy & intent, I can get back to that & get it done.

I also spoke recently with the network security guy from Columbia University (I work at NY-Presbyterian hospital, which is associated closely with both Columbia & Cornell), and I let him know I was looking. I would much prefer to work for one of the universities than this lowlife company (more on said lowlife company in a bit). So, I've two potential job tracks to turn toward, I just need to get aggressive about it.

More than any of these things, of course, I would love to complete, submit & sell some writing, and do away with the workweek concept altogether. I'm really feeling that I need a long, quiet, stress-free break.
Tags: 911, work, writing
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