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The Update (post-procedure)

So, I'm busy thanking whatever guides the universe that I'm as healthy as I am. Nothing like a hospital to show you the bright side, eh?

I say this because, though far from comfortable, my experience yesterday was WONDERFUL when compared with that of a woman who was processed around the same time as I was (different doc, though). Her ordeal started in the waiting room, with referral issues, then continued to the prep area when they could find no vein for her IV. I don't know how her actual procedure went (but I can't think it was easy, and I wonder how/if they were able to anasthetize her), but afterward, she was clearly in a lot of pain (she was apparently unable to expel the air in her guts from the procedure). It sounded horrible.

My own experience was...not. By far not.

Sunday night, as the directions, well..directed, I drank down 4 liters of some most vile stuff, that pushed everything out my bowels in a rather dramatic fashion throughout the night. In preparation, the Troll & I had set up a futon on the floor (normally we sleep in a loft) near the bathroom, so I was at least comfy between visits to the toilet.

Monday morning I made final phone confirmations, fretted, napped and made ready. Left the house about 1:30pm, stopped by my regular doc's office (only 2 blocks away) to pick up my referrals, then headed on into the hospital, arriving shortly after 2pm.

Where I waited.

Waiting was fine though, I'd expected it. I had along both a book and my continuing premier crochet project (a large blanket, eventually. Currently a piece about 6'x8". Yes, I'm slow). First I waited awhile in my gut doc's office. Then I got taken to the prep area, where I changed into hospital-wear, got all comfy & snug in a bed, and waited some more.

Eventually, the nurse came over to set up my IV (saline, presumably to prevent dehydration). Easy stuff for me (my veins show very clearly through my skin, all over), unlike my poor procedure-mate. While it's an exaggeration to say that one can see my veins at 100yds in the dark, it is NOT one to say that the nurse gasped in pleasure when I turned my arm over to her inspection.

So I got IVed, and proceeded to switch to the book (since now my arm movement was somewhat restricted) and wait.

And wait.

Somewhere along the line, the nurse went out to the first waiting room and found my Troll, and he came and waited with me.

At some time after 5pm, they finally came & got me & wheeled me down the hall to a "procedure room", which kinda looked like a lab until I & my bed were wheeled in. Two largish video screens were there, on either side of my bed, and an assortment of computerized-this & beeping-that off to the sides. The doc & two or three techs came in, getting me all set, starting the "relaxing" medication (a combo of versed, fentanyl and diphenhydramine - aka benadryl - which I coulda told them has no sleepy effect on me).

I remember remarkably little, after that, except that I was fascinated, watching the monitors. The techs were very surprised that I didn't just conk out. I have only the vaguest memory of moments of discomfort, and was pleasantly disconnected from the idea that the bizarre pictures on the monitors were related to anything happening to me.

The doc took lots of biopsy specimens, and noted only a very few oddities about my intestinal tract (like that I have - EWWW - I have a few skin tags in my colon - sorry, just had to share). Disgustingly enough, even after the 4-liters of nastiness and several hours on the toilet, there was enough still left in my colon to make it a bit difficult for the doc to see. Ugh. I'll be having an extremely high-fiber diet for the next couple of months, just in reflexive gross-out.

Finally, I was wheeled back to the prep room (which doubles as a recovery room), where the nurse gave me juice (and the Troll fed me gluten-free gingersnaps) and monitored my blood pressure for awhile, then told me I could go. Oooh, and I got a report...with PICTURES!

Once the biopsies come back, I'll find out if/what level of damage has been done to my intestines (which will be the final nail in the coffin of diagnosis of Celiac). I've an appointment with the doc for, I think, the 16th. Meanwhile, I've not been eating wheat, rye or barley anyway, and my digestive issues are remarkably improved.

Though not strictly necessary, I stayed home from work today. I ran a bit of a fever last night, and was utterly EXHAUSTED come morning. Throughout the day, my body has begun to return to its normal function.

My deep thanks to my amazing gregortroll for his care, and to my neighbor elionwyr, for the use of her car to get me home with minimum drama, afterward.
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