a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Bait N Switch

Well, sorta.

I applied for a credit card a week or so ago, because it offered a low rate, no interest for a year, and free balance transfers.

I got the card today. In the same batch of mail, I got a letter telling me that my balance couldn't be transfered, because they couldn't offer me a credit limit that high.

I looked in the mailing with the card. No credit limit in sight, hadda call & activate the stupid card in order to learn the limit.

Which turned out to be less than $400 shy of my transfer request.

Mind you, the balance transfer is only free if the balance is transferred at the time of application. Oh, the denial of transfer letter said that after 6 months, they would review my account and possibly raise the limit, at which time I could transfer the balance.

Yeah, for a fee, that is.


So I called & cancelled the card. The "account manager" tried to talk me out of cancelling the card. Tried to get me to transfer as much of the balance as was available (again, for that fee). Tried to convince me that no other card out there would give me as good a deal.

Fah, I say. I have good credit. There are credit card offers out the wazoo in my mailbox, I only chose this one over others (once I decided on the balance transfer route) 'cause I liked the pretty card they offered.

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