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DSL (and phone, but who cares about that???) has been down for the last couple of days. My Troll has been in Colorado since Friday last (he comes home tonight, finally!). I've been working, and reading, and playing dress up, just a bit.

I tried on the corset I had made for epilady & chestertodd's fabulous unwedding last year. I had it made to fit, you see...but with plenty of extra room to cinch it tighter.

I can close it. Completely. Comfortably.

Apparently there is at least one positive note to having Celiac. Heh.

I am having serious corset-lust, been cruising through the Isabella Costumiere site and dreaming. Someday soon, you see...I may well have discretionary income once again. Soon thereafter, at *least* one more corset. ::sigh::

ETA: I just realized they're having a summer sale. YEEEEP!

Meanwhile, I just finished Kushiel's Dart (having stayed up late last night, woken up early this morning, and stayed in bed 'till after 2pm to do so). Having heard positive reviews all around for quite some time now, I finally picked it up.

What no one told me (and which would have caused me to pick it up much sooner), is that it's an alternate history/historical fiction book, as well as the conveniently labeled fantasy. It was 900 pages of complete fascination for me...the first book since Red Mars that has held my attention so closely.

Fortunately, I have the two successive books already, each of them also quite thick. The style (and the character) remind me very much of rm. In all the good ways.

So I'll be mostly sitting around reading today (in my corset) and waiting for my darling to come home. Sounds like a wonderful Saturday!
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