a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

The day's accomplishments:

  • visit to the local co-op for membership info...where better to buy alternatives to wheat products, for cheap?!


  • a stop at a local shoestore, where we found...nothing that we liked that fit ::sigh::

  • a super purchase: largish cotton rugs, $15 each. We bought four. Must...consume...

  • food (all day) that doesn't make my stomach hurt - I hadn't realized it was such an infrequent occurence.

  • dishes done

  • pantry purged (almost)(You should have heard me cursing)

Meanwhile, scary plants:

Hollyhocks are strange looking, and they grow at an alarming rate.
Last Saturday we bought a bunch of mint from the farmer's market. We brought it home, and stuck it in some water to keep it fresh.

It's rooting. From the (sides of the) stems. No wonder it takes over any spot you plant it in! Yipes!
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