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Celiac, take two...

SO, my gut doctor called tonight (7pm, and the doc herself is calling me...cool!) to tell me that based on the (first round) test results, she really, really thinks Celiac Disease...and wants to schedule me for endoscopy & colonoscopy (very unpleasant picture-taking) ASAP (Celiac, in short, is a disease wherein the body's intolerance of wheat gluten actually causes damage to the small intestine. Among other things, this in turn causes problems in nutritional absorption). I may well be in for a life without pizza delivery (though I understand that there are gluten-free pizza dough recipes to be had -- if I can just get around my mental block of pizza meaning cooking-free).

Scheduling-type minions will be calling me on the morrow to arrange said unpleasant picture taking.

And Wednesday, I get my brain x-rayed first thing in the morning.

Oh, the fun I have!
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