a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Making the Switch

It's official...the bulk of my work clothing will now be purchased from the men's section, rather than the women's.

Men's clothing (and pants, especially) are made with better materials, have better quality work in them, and are usually cheaper.  Yeah, so I'll have to get the waists altered to fit me properly...but they're cheaper anyway, so it works out...and the men's pants will last longer. They're more likely to be machine washable, and even when they aren't, it's cheaper to have men's pants dry-cleaned than it is women's. How absurdly sexist is that?

And the final piece of the puzzle causing this change?

Deeper pockets.

A lot of women's pants don't have pockets at all (which has always made me nuts), and those that do are so shallow that stuff falls out if you sit down too comfortably.  I don't carry a handbag; I prefer pockets ('cause you can't forget them & leave them someplace, among other reasons), so you can see why this becomes such a weighted issue for me.

So...men's pants, from here on out. I'm certain I'll be both happier and wealthier for the change.
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