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Farenheit 911

Just a few brief thoughts:

  • The money trails between the House of Saud & House of Bush are astounding, undeniable and clearly damning.Probable deniability isn't even an option here.

  • Ditto the money trails between BushCo & the War in Iraq.

  • It is my firm opinion that each of the members of the Senate of the year 2000 should be promptly hung from the nearest trees.They failed both the disenfranchised voters of FL and the American public as a whole, pathetically.

  • Ditto every member who voted for the Patriot act without reading it. They have miserably failed in their sworn duties.

  • Our political system has failed us badly, and needs serious revision, if not scrapping altogether and a brand new start.

  • American military personnel are being royally fucked over (as well as being killed) by Bush & his policies.

  • Every American who has any concept of the standards and foundations(and believes that they're good standards & foundations) that the US was built on should be enraged by the way Bush has manipulated the military, the public and the various bits of policy for his own gain and that of his friends.

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