a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Migraine, bah!

Frova is my new hero on the migraine front. It's another triptan (one of the family of drugs that also contains Imitrex, which I've taken for years - with varying results). My neurologist gave me a sample of it a couple of weeks ago, and so far it's worked wonderfully.  Time, I think, for an actual prescription.

Sadly, I didn't have it at work with me yesterday, when the monster hit.  Yesterday was miserably humid, and the day started off with only a 20% chance of thunderstorms. Around 2pm, I started getting a headache. Took some tylenol. Took some imitrex. Went up to the medical office to lay down for a bit, hoping that would give the imitrex a better chance of working.

Got up about 45 minutes later, thinking I was better.

It was a false positive.

Got back downstairs (I'm on the 34th floor, medical is on 37), reassured everyone that I was okay.

Realized I really wasn't.

Put my stuff together & headed home (via trolley, as usual). Waited for the trolley in the stifling, humid, still-aired tunnel. For a long time.  Got on the trolley, finally. Air conditioning is the most wonderful thing.

Tried to convince myself that I'd be okay till I got home.

Threw up halfway there. Was mortified by embarrrassment, as well as miserable physically.  Got home.  Threw up some more. Fell asleep on bathroom floor.

Woke, feeling somewhat better, to the sound of thunder.  Very, very slowly (and carefully), washed the bathtub out (it's closer to the door than the toilet, and was as far as I made it). Sprayed Lysol here & there (Better Living Through Modern Chemistry, I say!). Drew a lukewarm, pepperminty tub & sat in it as it started to pour rain.  Ah, relief.

See, I'm apparently sensitive to barometric pressure, and it's often what sets off my migraines.  Storm systems just wafting about make me hurt...but when they actually break and rain I often get relief.

This relief lasted almost exactly as long as the rain.

Decided I was hungry. My darling Troll went out for chinese, and I got out of the tub. Decided, upon moving, that maybe I wasn't hungry after all. Troll made up a pallet for me on the bedroom floor; both the loft and the livingroom sofa seemed FAR too far away from the facilities for my comfort.  Then the sweetheart laid there with me while I ate a little rice, moaned & groaned, & read for a bit.  Finally, we headed up to bed (head still hurting, though not nearly as badly).

This morning, I woke up feeling fine!  Head feeling crushed vs. Head NOT feeling crushed = a world of difference in my outlook on life. :)
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