a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Puzzling Petunia Persecution

Apparently, one of my neighbors dislikes petunias. Or rather, one specific planting of petunias...as I came from gardening in the back yard (where I must have been, even as the dastardly deed occurred) this evening to discover that some random and probably quite disturbed person had come up onto our porch, selected one of the two window boxes sitting there, and dumped them, container & all, over the railing into the garbage.

At least they're neat nutjobs. ::counts blessings::

I fished out the container, as many of the plants and as much of the dirt as I could in the growing darkness, and put them back. Then I sat on the porch for a bit, watching everyone who happened by with deep suspicion. Hopefully some of the flowers will survive the trauma....but what a bizarre, disturbed event to try to digest! I should perhaps be alarmed that someone so randomly demented feels comfy just strolling onto my porch...but really, right now I'm primarily just utterly flabbergasted, and trying to wrap my brain around what kind of mentality (or lack thereof, pardon the cliche) feels the need to do such a stupidly destructive thing.

It's definitely time to put cameras up on the porch. Sometimes I hate living in a city. ::sigh::
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