a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

TV land & other updates

**In the absence of good *new* TV, I've been catching up on the old. Though I watched Highlander, the Raven while it was on, (and saw, I think, all of the movies) I had never seen the regular series before this summer. Loving it. And cool guest stars, too!

I'm SO making up for lost time. I just can't resist the angsty mystical warrior types that have unnaturally long lifespans (hence my crushes on Illyria, Angel, Scully, Xena & Max Evans). It's my type, as much as I can be said to have one.

Also enjoying the sadly short-lived Roar (which the Sci-Fi Channel has been playing), for many of the same reasons (though the tasty young Heath Ledger might play a wee part in it's attraction, as well). gandryyne, have you seen it? It seems like it'd be quite your cup o'tea, being all Celtic-y and all.

Also getting a fair bit of Animal Planet in...the Planet's Funniest Animals leading the pack, so to speak. Having stomach troubles has made me even unlikelier than usual to go out (and far less social, like that was ever my strong point), and there are only so many hours of the day I can read...and my computer is getting downright dusty, it's been so unappealing. So TV it is! :)

**We've taken in (at least temporarily, we'll see about a more permanent situation once she's been spayed & recuperated) a stray cat. She's very timid, and our sweet little Jeebling is trying desperately to make friends. She's not actively hostile, but she doesn't really seem very interested, either. Poor little critter.

**The grass that gregortroll planted a week ago is coming up in a lovely, delicate green furze. It's darn cute, hard as that may be to imagine of grass! My strawberries are doing splendidly, as are the oregano, tomatoes & basil.

**Indian food doesn't, apparently, bother my whatever-it-is (Whahoooo!). Had it for the first time in a long time last night at my favorite spot, it was delicious & pain-free...even the spice tea (teas & coffees, even decaf, are supposed to be terrible for ulcers, because of the alkaloids)

**Meanwhile, I've only been making the tiniest forays back into LJ land. If something important has happened in your lives, I probably don't know about it, still. At this point, I not only have no chance of catching up, I'm still not reading on anything close to a daily basis...so if you want me to know, you should probably send me an email. :) It's not that I'm not interested (I am), it's just that I don't have much spare mental or emotional energy at the moment, and being involved in other peoples lives (even folks I like as much as I like you all), takes too much of it.

Be well!
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