a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

An eventful week

So, a week ago today, my little brother (who drives cross-country trucks) called me & said he was in Philly, and had a couple of days off! So little bro came to visit, and it was grand (though far too short). A whirlwind couple of days, trying to fit visiting in with my work schedule.

Meanwhile, Tuesday I had an appointment with my doc (for an assortment of issues)...and I walked out with a handful of referrals to specialists.

These include a neurologist (for migraines, and not a moment too soon, as you'll see later in the post), and a GI (for my continuing troublesome digestive issues). My own self-diagnosis with the gut problems is that I've had a recurrence of my old friend the ulcer (possibly bleeding, and possibly with attendant anemia), so I'm self-caring as best I can 'till my appointment (which isn't until JUNE 30TH!). Meanwhile I am subsisting on a diet of Cheerios and cheese sandwiches (two of the items least likely to bother my stomach), when all I want in this summer heat are BLTs and strawberries (both of which cause utter havoc in the guts, at the moment). Ugh.

Thursday I had a monster of a migraine...at work. The imitrex wasn't even *touching* this one. Complete with throwing up (yes, I made it to the bathroom in time), a stay in the nurse's office (I work, in a roundabout & indirect way, for Cigna...and they occupy the lion's share of the building in which I work. One of their employee services is their own large, fully staffed nurse's office -- for which I am exceedingly grateful), and the Troll coming to retrieve me from work to get me home. I get all the best special effects.

I'm *still* pretty darned zonked from the experience, which makes it officially the longest recovery period I've ever required with a migraine. Good thing I'll be seeing a neurologist soon. Troll and I spent a fairly relaxed weekend, me recuperating and both of us cleaning sporadically.

Sometime in the next couple of days, I'll be posting my thoughts on the final eps of Angel.
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