a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

SUCH a sap.

I've been having major, un-talked about (and unjournaled) angst about the end of Angel's nighness. It just wrecks me that a show that I like so well (not all that common) will be no more. ESPECIALLY since the introduction of Illyria (probably my favorite TV character EVER, and certainly my favorite in the Jossverses).

So tonight I've been watching some old eps, of both Buffy & Angel. Bad Girls, and the beginning of Faith's tragedy. Consequences, and another painful death-blow to Buffy's joi de vivre. So I'm tendered up already, and I just put on Waiting in the Wings (which, incidentally, I've watched about 5 times since the cancellation was announced).

And promptly sobbed, when Cordelia, leaning in the doorway, casually asks "She's what?" in that happily languorous, yes-I-feel-gorgeous-and-you-may-tell-me-how-much-I-stun-you tone of voice.

Sobbed, I tell you.

I miss the show already. Deeply.
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