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I got home later than I meant to on Sunday night...this lead to not enough sleep before work yesterday. Then a crash-plus-migraine when I got home from work yesterday. I think I was awake for about 2 hours (during which I caught up with the Troll & had dinner), then right back to sleep.

I could seriously have slept another 3 or 4 hours this morning, I think, if I didn't have to go to work. I'm still unbelievably sleepy. Plus I think I'm battling a minor sinus infection. The busy-level here at work has finally picked up, and all I want to do is sleep. ::yawn::

In other weirdness, vinofemmemusica.com seems to have disappeared. I can't reach the mail server from work using Outlook, and when I try to get there (the home page via browser), an eNom page pops up with a search dialog thing. Annoying and confusing, and I can't really do much about it from here. Maybe I'll drop a note to my host & see if they can tell me what's going on.

ETA: vfm.com is back! yay!
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