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New York, New York...

Last day here, and I have a moment to start catching up on the LJ, finally.

What a marvelous, whirlwind trip!

Thursday I arrived (got quite a bit more work done on WTP on the train...feeling good about that, though concerned that the site concept seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, while my writing & coding are not keeping up so well), & hung out with Jay & Diane. We went to dinner (served with extra crunchy glass bits!), we strolled back to the apartment (detour for the street blockade - possible explosives, we heard), we watched Finding Nemo (wow! Pixar continues to stun me). I went to sleep far too late, and got up far too early Friday morning. Had breakfast w/Jay while Diane packed for their trip. Saw them off (during which the little dog made a daring escape out into the hall).

Met up with niteHawk for lunch, which was wonderful both for the food (vietnamese) and the catching up. Wandered down to Union Square and strolled around the farmer's market. Hit B&N with a vengeance (I've SO been needing new books). Back uptown for a cool bath (it was miserably muggy, and too hot for my taste) and the plunge into the recently aquired Issola...which I'm loving and has managed to hit me with several realizations. I love when books do that.

Evening brought dinner & margaritas & wonderful catching up with my pal akmetrit. By 10:30, though, I was back at the apartment, utterly exhausted & ready for slumber.

Woke up way too early Saturday morning, but fortunately had most of the day to loaf around with the doglette. Used Diane's nifty little gadget (called an aerolatte - and now I must have one!) to make my own wonderful cup of cappucino. We played, we napped (sort of), we snuggled. It was all good. Around 4:30, I made it out to meet my old friend (& ex-employer, & co-alumni) AC for coffee. We had marvelous re-connection & catching up; including 9/11 stories. It was nice to hear someone else who had been stunned to senselessness at the time. Very therapeutic. Before long we wandered downtown (which wander included a very strange bus ride) to meet gatopreto at NoHo Star for dinner (NoHo Star, for those of you who don't already know this, is my favorite NYC restaurant. It's not overly fancy, or expensive; the food is always delicious, the staff always friendly and the setting always pleasant).

Great food. Great company. Sometimes I really miss living here.

And then, the surprise wonder of the weekend, October Project.

gatopreto had called me earlier in the day to decide on plan details (we knew we wanted to get together & hang out, but hadn't determined quite what to do, yet), and to let me know that there was a possibility of getting last-minute tickets to see October Project play. Along with a magician and a couple of other musicians. In the aforementioned loft. And would I be interested?

I've only seen October Project once before (last year sometime, I think? with elionwyr, in Philly), but I had enjoyed the experience immensely. Clearly, the answer was yes, and the tickets were attained...so after dinner, we headed down to the loft and enjoyed a marvelous, intimate, casual performance & chatting & punch & munchies. I once again experienced the peculiar effect of whimpering and weeping (yes, really) with joy at the music (which I've decided must be tonal, or something. I've realized that while the lyrics are lovely and moving, I don't really hear them during the performance. Or possibly it's the cello. Passionate, well-played cello has always been able to make me weep). It's very strange, and reminds me of the sort of deep, tectonic-shifts-in-the-murk heavy processing that I've experienced at some spiritual gatherings and sound-therapy workshops.

So, a therapy day, of sorts. In the very good way.

Altogether, an unexpectedly appropriate way to celebrate Beltane.

gatopreto dropped me off, and I spent way too long puttering around the apartment with the doglette, reading, taking another cool bath, trying to get all of my stuff back together so that packing today would be easy.

At around 3am, I caved to the fact that I wasn't going to get nearly enough sleep to be able to meet AC for brunch after all, and emailed her my regretful cancellation. While my health is far better & more stable than it was, say...last year at this time, it's still fragile enough that too many activities and too little sleep could easily throw me into an unpleasant rough patch. That, combined with the continued assimilation of a full-time job into my life, made me (wisely, I think) decide to sleep in this morning & laze around till Jay & Diane make it back. Then I'll head home, unpack and hopefully head for bed early to prepare me for the week ahead.

I've had a ton of fun this weekend, but I'll be glad to get back home. I SO miss my Troll & Jeebling!
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