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A call for submissions:

I'm hoping to have the (tentatively titled) We The People website up and running by the end of the first week in May. I'm looking for articles both short & long on the following topics:

- history & meanings of various documents (the Constitution, the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, etc) related to the founding and running of the US.
- bios of people who have been influential in creating our basic federal laws
- important events in the evolution of the country's laws
- how things work: congress, checks & balances, the details of the three branches, the electoral college
- citizen participation: what can people do (besides voting) to make a difference in our laws?
- anything else that seems relevant

I'm looking for simple, factual pieces that anyone can understand, from your grandmother (or mine, who never had school beyond 10th grade), to someone new to the english language, to your check-out person at the grocery store. Opinion pieces will also be considered, but probably used sparingly.

There's no pay for this (the website will be run entirely on donations & volunteer efforts), but I'm happy to put your name and webpage link on any pieces that are used (or not, as the writer prefers). Any copyrights will remain the property of the writer.

Please spread the word! I'd like as large a pool as knowledge as possible!

ETA: I'm also looking for relevant quotations and for links to other informational sites.

ETA2: submissions (articles) should be emailed to me (raaven) at livejournal.com, for now, or left in comments (quotes, links, etc).
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