a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Q: What kind of geek is Raaven?

A: The kind who cries (yes, cries) at seeing the preview for Troy on a large screen.

Yep, that's me. Epic movie geek.

In related news, Hellboy was a decent movie. Not stupid, not boring, fun special effects. Plus, I love Ron Perlman (One from The City of Lost Children is still my favorite Perlman character, but Hellboy is now a firm 2nd).

Friday I got out of work early...just in time for a pretty serious migraine. Around 9:30 Friday night I decided I might live, and then promptly went to sleep.

Saturday (morningish) Troll & I went out for breakfast, got our hair cut, and saw Hellboy.
Then we puttered about the apartment for a bit, and went to bed early again.

Sunday we got up earlyish, and took elionwyr to work, so that we could borrow her car. While still puttering around getting ready, I realized my laptop was having issues and started backing everything up & doing maintenance stuff. That's still in progress...so I'm FAR behind on my Flist at the moment.

After I got tired of messing with the machine, we went out to K-Mart & for a bit of grocery shopping, all successful. The weekend rounded out with our watching Out of Africa on dvd (which, yes, I cried through much of. I'm not a slice-of-life kind of movie girl, I'm a slice-of-era kind of movie girl). Troll hadn't seen it before, and seemed to enjoy it despite my blubbering about how gorgeous the cinematography was.

Waking up this morning was next to impossible (it's raining today), but I made it finally, and am here at work now. Focus is coming slowly, and by the time I go home I should be in fine shape. ;)

I hope the weekend was great for all of you!
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