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Face Time

So, for the past few months that I've been focusing on getting a job, I've sent out a ton of resumes...to agencies, to temp places, directly to companies I'd like to work for.

Turns out, all I really needed to do was to go somewhere in person. Thursday I called Kelly temps to see about making an appointment (though I've filled out all of their online stuff previously). Friday at 1:30 I went to the appointment, and by 4:00 (after I'd finished talking with the rep & taking an assortment of software tests), I had a job assignment that starts Monday. That lasts through September. That pays more than my personal minimum requirement. That sounds really pleasant & interesting, and that will be easy to get to via public transportation. Go, me! Though I had previously planned dinner out last night, I added a few drinks to the event & called it a celebration!

Who knew that so many companies (I have to assume that Kelly isn't the only one) are mostly ignoring their online resources?? How utterly bizarre.

In other news, I went to the gym on Thursday night with elionwyr, and today am feeling that delicious stretchy-achiness that comes with a good, but not damaging, workout. Yay! Am looking forward to more, soon. Regularly, even.
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