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smallville review

despite my lingering resentment that smallville replaced roswell on the WB, i'm slowly becoming a convert. now that roswell's on hiatus, my tivo is recording smallville in that time slot instead.

i've never been a comic book fan per se, but i adore comic book movies, and superman was always one of my favorites. christopher reeves as clark and gene hackman as lex are the epitome, to me, of the superman story. smallville gives us their history, and they've gathered an absolutely uncanny cast to do it with. tom weller IS the young clark kent, without a doubt, and michael rosenbaum brings to lex luthor a complexity and depth that teases & hints at what a great multi-faceted villain he'll become...and that villainy wouldn't have been his preferred role. as a viewer i love clark for his wholesome goodness, but i'm fascinated by lex and his struggle against what seems to be predestination. plus, he's waaaaaay sexy.

kristin kreuk's beauty makes me think of a young version of catherine zeta-jones, and while i'm unfamilar with the comic version of lana lang, kristin and the smallville writers have certainly created a believable character for clark to be obsessed with. allison mack & sam jones iii are clark's best pals, and these actors do not fade into the background the way that many sidekick characters do. pete & chloe provide texture and depth to clark's teenage years, and with him they create a shelter for one another from the confusion of growing up.

the writing seems solid in it's own right(i think i've only seen four episodes so far), and the talent the young actors are bringing to the project is magical. the core group of youngsters are, of course, all beautiful and charismatic. both clark and lex are incredibly believeable in their parts and their relationship. the weird history between them and the secrets they necessarily keep from each other translates onscreen to an almost sexual and certainly exquisite tension.

i lust to see a bit of tenderness & intimacy between the two of them...and if the show writers are really good, they'll manage to slide it in subtly, without tripping off queer alarms across the country. here's hoping.
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