a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Monday Miscellany

  • Does anyone on my flist sell Avon? 'Cause we need more Silicon Glove, and I'd rather place the order through someone I actually (sorta) know...

  • He loves me for my chicken salad - made some this weekend. It's almost gone, already. :)

  • We're having overnight guests next weekend, so yesterday we spring-cleaned the kitchen. It's beautiful!

  • Thanks to _green_, I signed up for the Angel Ficathon. Yeep!

  • Both The Punisher and Hellboy come out in April, as does The Alamo. Troy, Van Helsing in May. An assortment of actual "summer" (June, July & August) movies, including King Arthur, Spiderman-2, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and the original Godzilla. In September, The Order. I am in full movie-drool.

  • The fire next door has convinced me that it's time to get renter's insurance. It's always seemed, before, like not-such-an-urgent expense. Somehow it suddenly became more urgent.

  • Must update with more Peep Haiku. Soon!

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