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Brain Music Medleys

So I mentioned that often the music that is stuck in my head is a combination of songs; that seems to be the constant theme of late. Last night I had first a combo of Tom Jones' It's Not Unusual, Frankie Goes to Hollywood's version of Do You Know the Way to San Jose, and an odd little tango or mazurka that I believe Visa uses in it's commercials. Then we moved on to 101 Strings' La Malaguena and KLF's The White Room and No More Tears combined with some of the mood music for the tv show Xena.

This morning I awoke with a Gang of Four medley, including Armalite Rifle, Anthrax and Damaged Goods.

Really, once you listen to my internal soundtrack for awhile, you realize that it's no wonder I am the way I am. :)
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