a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

This week

So, as many of you know from my post yesterday, I had a migraine. It lasted pretty much all day and far into the night (damn storm systems!). Still, I managed to glean the following bits of info about the world:

- My friends chestertodd & epilady made it out to San Francisco over the weekend, and got legally (at least for the moment) married! Happiest congrats to them!
- Angel has been cancelled. This, the week after TV Guide runs an article calling Angel "The smartest show on television". The WB programming directors will rot in hell, I'm sure of it.
- Cory Doctorow is moving from San Francisco to London. Why didn't I know this sooner? Just oblivious, I guess.
- Shows mentioning witchcraft (as well as many others) will no longer be available with Department of Education funded closed-captioning. Because the deaf apparently need special protection against heresy. I don't think I currently know anyone who's deaf, but damn...I wonder how the folks who are feel about having their TV watching options censored? Wow.

Today, since I got up so early (migraine-induced insomnia), I'll be finishing up some research work for EFF and proofing some pages for Project Gutenberg, as well as catching up on my flist a bit more. I may also work on a couple of stories that have been thumping around my head.

I hope you're all having a good day so far!

Currently reading: The Forge of Mars, by Bruce Balfour. Liking it a lot.
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