a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Faaabulous weekend!

It all started Friday afternoon, when elionwyr asked me for suggestions for her dinner party...and whether or not I wanted to hit Trader Joe's with her. Hah! When do I NOT want to hit Trader Joe's? We decided on shepard's pie for dinner, and we were off!

On the way back, we thought to stop off for wine. Remind me to never, ever stop in the university area for wine on a Friday night. Especially not a Friday night in conjunction with a holiday and 3 day weekend! Ugh. Finally, though, we got our wine and got out. Fortunately, gregortroll was home already, and able to play host to sindia, gandryyne and N. (who has no LJ, alas) until we got there.

It was a boisterous evening, with plenty of wine and chocolate for all, and some darned good shepard's pie to boot. sindia decided to forgo the Dresden Dolls concert 'cause she was having such a nice time. I *did* play Coin Operated Boy (which has actually been stuck in my head for weeks now) and Girl Anachronism for her (which can both be downloaded here), so at least she got some idea of what she was missing! I also got a chance to talk to gandryyne about possibly doing some artwork for vinofemmemusica.com, which I think both she and I are very excited about!

The party broke up around midnight (mostly because Yours Truly has a Cinderella syndrome...I don't often want to be socializing much past 12am). elionwyr, sindia, gandryyne & N. went downstairs to elionwyr's place, the Troll & I went to bed.

Saturday...hmmm. the Troll & I cleaned on Saturday...then decided on a whim to invite elionwyr and S, our first floor neighbor, up for dinner. S had company (her best friend D) - so they both came up, and brought a beautiful & tasty salad besides! We tossed together a chicken & rice pilaf dish while nibbling on an assortment of cheeses, breads & crackers, then reconvened in the back room to watch Stargate (part of my ongoing effort to watch all of my dvds this year) while we ate.

Partway through, elionwyr got a call from N (the same N from the previous night, yes), who was hanging out with D & B and wanted to stop by! We paused the movie when they got here, in order to introduce, chat & prepare dessert (and give S & D a crash course on the wonders of Tivo), then the whole gang of us watched the rest of the movie. It was great good fun!

Sunday, the Troll & I got up around noonthirty, and pretty much immediately got a call from elionwyr saying she was on her way home from work, and that we should get ready to head out to the Celtic Music fest in King of Prussia to see Eileen Ivers. I'd only just been introduced to her music this past fall, at the Celtic Classic, and was thrilled to have another chance to hear her play live...she puts on an incredible show. We met gandryyne there, and she showed us all the highlights of the fair. It was, as expected, wonderful, though a bit more low-key than the Celtic Classic show. We also wandered about the festival eating fair food (I missed the whiskey-tasting though, damn!) and looking at all the pretty things for sale.

Afterwards Troll, elionwyr & I headed to John Harvard's for dinner (a first for me), where I indulged in a rare glass of beer (their oatmeal stout was quite tasty). The place itself is pleasant, with quite decent food, but a bit overpriced.

Then home again, where the Troll & I crashed pretty immediately. We got up late on Monday (holiday, yay!) and spent the day puttering sort of listlessly about, working on CSS coding & snuggling.

All in all, a MUCH more social weekend than what I'm used to...but loads of fun!
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