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So, once again, I've run across a fairly interesting site that is designed for IE users only (and I refuse to link to it, for that reason). I've finally come up with what I feel is an adequate form letter to send to sites that do this.

Wow...your site seems like a really neat idea, in theory.

In practice, however, it looks like you've ignored web standards and developed your product in an exclusively IE environment. I'm sorry, but I'm unwilling to participate in any sites designed for IE only users.

Would you consider adhering to web standards in the future, so that browsers other than IE can be used to view your site? If so, I'd be delighted to help out by beta testing.

For more info on web standards, check out the Web Standards Project, here: http://www.webstandards.org/

Thanks for your time,

Please feel free to make use of this note, if the issue comes up for you.
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