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Chocolate Obsession

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This week is Chocolate Obsession week on the Food Network. Here's a bit of their press release describing it:

CHOCOLATE OBSESSION WEEK Sunday, February 9th through Saturday, February 15th, 8PM to 11PM ET/PT Food Network brings something rich, seductive, mysterious and sweet to the small screen with a daily dose of chocolate during "Chocolate Obsession Week." This full week of chocolate-centric programs features premieres of "Emeril Live", "FoodNation with Bobby Flay", "Unwrapped", "Oliver's Twist", "$40 a Day" & "Iron Chef!"

"Chocolate Obsession Week" Premieres Include:

THE BEST OF: CHOCOLATE Premieres Sunday, February 9th at 9PM ET/PT Attention chocolate lovers: divine decadence awaits! From the crown jewel of candy shops to desserts to die for, "The Best Of: Chocolate" serves up tasty treats guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth. Stops include Trellis Chocolates in Williamsburg, Virginia, world famous Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania and Just Truffles in St. Paul, Minnesota.

PASSION FOR CHOCOLATE WITH JACQUES TORRES Premieres Sunday, February 9th at 10PM ET/PT World-famous pastry chef and chocolatier extraordinaire, Jacques Torres, explores the fascinating and sensual world of chocolate. Jacques journeys to France in search of the ultimate chocolate creations, then weaves his own kind of magic in his New York studio, sharing secrets for making beautiful candy creations at home. Jacques makes a beautiful marbled chocolate box filled with diamond petit fours, chocolate caramels and European peanut butter chocolates. Taking his art to the extreme, Jacques forms a chocolate "balloon" cage to complete his hand-made masterpiece.

FUDGE UNWRAPPED Premieres Monday, February 10th at 9PM ET/PT Host Marc Summers dives into the decadent world of fudge, from the making of Tastykake fudge bars and Mrs. Fields fudge brownies to Blue Bunny frozen fudge bars (made in Lemars, Iowa) and Mrs. Richardson's hot fudge (made in Philadelphia). Viewers will learn all the fudge facts during this mouth-watering behind-the-scenes look at one of America's favorite sweet treat.

FOODNATION WITH BOBBY FLAY: CHOCOLATE Premieres Tuesday, February 11th at 9PM ET/PT Chef Bobby Flay samples the best chocolate recipes the Big Apple has to offer. Bobby learns the secrets of The Chocolate Loft pastry chef Andrew Shotts' sinful chocolate candy, visits ILO restaurant in midtown Manhattan, samples some sinful sweets at The Chocolate Bar, a candy store for grown-ups, and gets a lesson on hot chocolate at Mariebelle.

OLIVER'S TWIST - CHOCOLATE Premieres Wednesday, February 12th at 9:30PM ET/PT To show friends his gratitude for babysitting daughter Poppy, Jamie cooks up such treats as chocolate tiramisu, chocolate truffles and an extra chocolaty ice-cream sundae.

$40 A DAY - BRUSSELS Premieres Wednesday, February 12th at 10PM ET/PT In beautiful Brussels, host Rachael Ray knows how to find the tastiest bargain fare the city has to offer. After dining on Belgian waffles at the renowned House Dandoy and mussels at the Marche-aux-Puces flea market, Rachael manages to score artisan chocolates from Le Chocolatier Manon owner Christian Vanderkerken and still has money to enjoy dinner!

IRON CHEF: CHOCOLATE APPLE BATTLE Premieres Friday, February 14th at 10PM ET/PT In a dessert battle suited for Valentine's Day, viewers are invited to guess who will reign supreme when Fuyuko Kondo, the fourth female challenger to battle the "men of iron", takes on Iron Chef French Hiroyuki Sakai. This chocolate battle results in a decadent array of dishes, such as Heart Shaped Cream with Green Applesauce and Apple with White Chocolate Mousse.

EMERIL'S CHOCOLATE RECIPE CONTEST (Working Title) Premieres Saturday, February 15th at 9PM ET/PT Winners of the Emeril's chocolate recipe contest from around the country are revealed on a special edition of "Emeril Live" which will be taped in New York the first week of February.

And in honor of Chocolate Obsession week (hey, isn't EVERY week chocolate obsession week???), I offer the following recipe from Epicurious:


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