a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

Birthday Adventures

Friday I got a wonderful gift...my darling gregortroll stayed home with me (granted, he'd worked a 15 hour day Thursday, but he could have chosen OT pay instead)! We had a lovely day of snuggling (ooh, and we ordered a new wireless router, too...ours has been wonky for a week or so, and replacement is cheaper than repair). And then we had a whole weekend ahead of us!

Saturday, we were utterly lazy and slept until 3pm. Yep, 3. I'm still kind of astounded by that...especially as we hadn't been up horribly late Friday night. It was marvelous. Once up, we puttered about the house Doing Stuff (which was remarkably productive, considering the late start). Around 6:30, we stopped what we were doing and started getting prepared for going out. Our dinner reservations were for 8:45, so this gave us plenty of time. Around 8, we hooked up with elionwyr and headed out for dinner.

Dinner was incredible, as always. First, incredibly dense and flavorful bread, dipped in flavored olive oil...yum (with plenty of wine, of course)! I could eat that alone for hours...but of course, I'd been there before, so I knew to take it easy. We all got the white bean soup for appetizers, and we shared a plate of their appetizer special, which consisted of fresh green beans, fresh cherry tomatoes and a lovely slab of home made cheese...drizzled with some wonderful stuff that I won't even attempt to describe. Troll got one of the entree specials, while I got the chicken with white wine, and elionwyr had some sort of veal-stuffed pasta. It was all absolutely delicious, of course. I had them pack about 1/3 of mine up so that I could get dessert though...'cause how could I miss dessert??

Dessert was well worth it. The special that night was génoise layered with strawberries and cream...sort of an ultra-shortcake. So delicious...and I was so stuffed already that I had to get most of it packaged to go also. That's okay, it made a fabulous day-after-birthday breakfast treat. Troll got the tiramisu, which was marvelous as always. We shared nibbles with elionwyr, who had chosen only coffee after the meal.

We had previously decided that we didn't want to try to combine the Animation Show with dinner, so we're doing that tomorrow night instead. So after dinner, we headed home, where elionwyr headed straight off to bed (she had to work Sunday), and the Troll and I puttered about on our respective computers. I finished up my contribution to The Intoxication Challenge and sent it off (one of these years I'll actually do one of these things before the deadline, and so have more time to work on it), and then it was off to bed with us, too.

Sunday, my darling and I got up around 1...and proceeded directly to our List (we've created a revolving list of Things to Do, both large and small. It helps us keep track). We got an astonishing amount of stuff done, then had dinner, then Did More Stuff, then knocked off and went to bed early.

So it probably doesn't sound all that exciting or adventurous, but it's one of the happiest birthdays I've had yet. Not a huge deal, but in the company of both my darling and my dear, dear friend. If the year ahead follows suit, I'll be delirious with joy by the end of it.
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