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Catching up

I've really got to get back into the habit of checking email & livejournal stuff over the weekends...but it *does* make for a nice break.

Friday night my darling and I watched one of the DVDs that I mentioned in my New Years resolutions. We've decided to watch them alphabetically, from back to front. So far, we've seen X-files: Fight the Future and Tombstone (that was Friday). Next up is Titan AE. I don't really have many DVDs, so this isn't a difficult resolution to keep. :)

Saturday we spent cleaning. The Troll washed, and I dried, and we cleaned out the fridge, and in general got the kitchen all tidy (this was, mind you, after we slept till 2pm). Saturday night, we got dressed up and went out for dinner and to see the Muppet Movie singalong, to celebrate Troll's birthday! I'd never actually seen The Muppet Movie (which is far more twisted and subversive than I'd expected), and the theater was packed with fun folks shouting funny things, and it was great good fun. elionwyr joined us for both dinner and the movie, while Troll's friend C. and his leading lady K. showed up for the movie singalong. Then we all came back to the nice clean kitchen and had coffee and fresh brownies, and some lovely chat. A great day!

Sunday we slept in again...and then did various puttering about the apartment. Toward the end of the evening, we invited both 2nd floor & 1st floor neighbors up for brownies & coffee. Poor S. (on the first floor) is having trouble with her heaters (she just moved in and things are still getting all sorted out), but she came up, as did elionwyr...and we all sat around in our PJs drinking tea & coffee, eating delicious chocolatey brownies and having some lovely "get to know you" chat. All was good, and I think that S. is an excellent fit for the building...and that we'll all get along marvelously.

Yesterday, I spent the day with elionwyr, going to a salvage yard and picking up a used tire rim, then to Sears where they installed it for her. We, meanwhile, shopped, and got some killer clearance deals. I love clearance sales!

Today I got my first assignment from the EFF, where I've signed up to do some volunteer research and what-have-you. It looks like a LOT of fun, and I'm excited about it!

Tonight, the Troll and I are going to see the Tin Hat Trio meets Ladislaw Starewicz (live music + silent film) at the Prince Theater...thanks to C's radical muppet geekery on Saturday! C won a bit of a trivia contest, which gave him two tickets to tonight's show...which he and K. weren't especially interested in. So he offered them to us! I'm quite looking forward to it.

No special plans for the rest of the week...'til MY BIRTHDAY on Saturday of course. gregortroll and I have fun having birthdays exactly 1 week apart! We're going to dinner at Mr. Martino's, and then The Animation Show, again at the Prince. They're having all sorts of cool stuff there lately! Anyone else out there in Philly LJ land going to The Animation Show on Saturday??

Meanwhile, if anything especially exciting or tragic has happened with y'all since Friday last...please bear with me and I'll catch up eventually. Or drop me an email! :)
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