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belated weekend update

once upon a time, i was compulsive about being online; more specifically, about checking email. i'm pleased to note that that phase in my life has passed (long passed) and that often on the weekends i don't even open my computer.

that said, it takes awhile to catch up on 3-4 days of FL reading! y'all are a prolific bunch!

my weekend:

friday- don't remember doing anything special.
saturday- puttered about with my darling most of the morning, then puttered about (bargain hunting!! velvet curtains! eating!!) with elionwyr 'till far into the cold, cold night (despite persistent headache).
sunday- felt headachy much of the day...but got some stuff done anyway. watched gregortroll get a TON of stuff done! the apartment just looks better & better!

the past couple of days i've been feeling moderately crappy. yesterday i started the TIVO move process - in which i am resetting the larger of our two tivos for primary use, and taping/deleting stuff off of the smaller one, so that we can lend it to elionwyr. 'cause we don't use it often enough.

'Cause life outside media-land? Excellent stuff.
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