a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing


I woke this morning to a dream about the collapse of a wooden dam/bridge structure. It was in the process of being repaired as the collapse happened...it seems that the folks doing the repair hadn't been able to get permission to fix the thing until way too late...and they were working on it in the rain, trying to fix it before it could fail.

One of the people working on it (and on it when it collapsed) looked like the character Donna from the 70's Show, but slightly older. She'd just accomplished some amazing thing having to do with going into the water in front of the structure and placing a water-level indicator of some sort. She was on top of the structure when it went; talking to some of the older workmen on the project (who all seemed to be miners or something...they were covered in a black soot). When the structure failed, she leaped off of it into the water (downstream) because she knew from talking to the miner-guys that anyone left on the structure would be driven into the sludge that would be left behind when the water all went downstream, and be suffocated in the mud if they weren't already dead (dream reminded me a LOT of Everything in it's Path, which I had to read years ago for a sociology class - it gave me nightmares at the time, in fact).

In the aftermath, her body couldn't be found.
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