a fair and balanced birdthing (raaven) wrote,
a fair and balanced birdthing

A warm bathroom is a wonderful thing.

I like cold. In the summer, I keep the apartment at a nice cool 70 degrees, and in the winter I rarely allow it to get over 65.

But I HATEHATEHATE cold toilet seats.

Last night, the recent cold snap (and hence, the toilet seat) drove me out into the world, to the ever-fabulous Tar-jhay, to buy a space heater for the bathroom. Cause see, I don't want to turn the heat in the whole apartment up, it'd suffocate me. Found a most excellent little $10 electric space heater (and lots of other nifty things; such is the nature of a trip to Tar-jhay), sized just right for hiding behind the toilet & keeping the seat nice & toasty. Of course, that ideal positioning will have to wait on a properly sized extension cord; for now, the handy little heater sits on top of an IKEA stool, and blows toward the toilet.

Apartment temperature: 63 (just the way I like it). Bathroom temperature: 76 (despite the fact that we took the bathroom door off months ago and replaced it with a curtain).


Plus, elionwyr & I went to Outback after Tar-jhay, and because I had forgotten how ridiculously huge their portions are, I had a big old honkin' chunk o' steak for breakfast. Mmm.

Between the warm bathroom and the honkin' chunk, I believe that I am officially Ready For The Day.
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